Marcy Mallory
Cell: 972-921-0060
Please reference Acupunture in the subject line.

email: marcymallory33@gmail.com
phone: 972-921-0060.  
When you leave a message, please reference acupuncture. Otherwise, the phone call may not be returned. This has become necessary due to the increasingly high volume of scam calls, robocalls, etc.

Location: Waxahachie, Texas 75165
Near the intersection of FM 387 (Butcher Road) and N. Hwy 77.
Landmarks: Whataburger, Sonic, Exxon gas station. The intersection was also known as Joey's Corner in the past.

Office Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Office Hours: 9:30 am to 1:30 pm

Other Pertinent Information
Insurance: I am not an insurance provider. If you have insurance that covers acupuncture, call them for providers. Ask what is covered, etc., and document time, date and name. Things can go wrong.
Payment: Cash or check.
Fee per session: $75.00. Herbs and analgesic patches are extra cost.

Appointment availability: I am now semi-retired. Most of the appointments are taken by my awesome long-time regular patients, who schedule standing appointments. However, there are a few openings available.

Length of appointment: First visit takes between 60 and 90 minutes. It takes a few minutes to complete paperwork, and then take a brief history so I can better help you.
Follow-up visits usually take about an hour from walking in to walking out.

Parking: I work in my home, which is why my address is not listed above. I will give it to you when you schedule your appointment. I have two treatment rooms, so there might be someone else here when you arrive or are leaving. Please park in front of my house or in my driveway. It is ok to block my mailbox.

Exactly what to expect and what to wear: This will be discussed when you call for information or to schedule an appointment. I am very gentle, but acupuncture is needles inserted into your skin and muscles. Some points are tender on nearly everyone, but you get a heads-up on those. You will be able to ask questions about your specific situation.