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Hello. Thanks for finding your way to my home page. To reflect changes in my life, I am updating my website a bit. Rather than start all over, I am inserting this update.

Let's start with the picture...I am doing what I always fuss about...leaving an old picture. This one is about 13 years old, and was taken with make-up on and fixed-up hair. Hopefully, my spirit hasn't dimmed like my physical appearance has.

Living to 120 years old...well, as I approach 70, I am reconsidering this number. Apparently, the aches and pains of old age apply to me as well as to everyone else. I have finally had to start taking some of my own advice about slowing down, asking for help, and all that stuff. It takes three times longer to do something, and twice as long to recuperate. Even with lots more breaks than I needed before. Plus, like all generations before me, I guess, this world is a mess and in a down-hill spiral. So, I am thinking I don't want to make it another 50 years after all.

Loving acupuncture...that remains the same, thank goodness. It can be so awesome for many things. Like all therapies, eastern and western, no one thing cures or helps everything. But a few acupuncture treatments are usually worth a try.

Backsliding and getting up...I still backslide daily, and I still rely on the how many times you get up vs than how many times you fall theory.

Additionally (with the extra years under my belt) -- no matter how much I hurt, I keep moving. Not moving just makes everything hurt more. It may not be right or fair, but that's the way it is.

Marcy Mallory, MS, Tx LAc

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